Chairman's speech
Chairman's speech
      Leaders from all walks of life, new friends and old friends, on behalf of all employees of Huaneng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., I sincerely thank you for your support and help over the years! I sincerely extend my sincere greetings to you! The company was founded in 1994. After 24 years of unremitting efforts and the unremitting efforts of all staff, the company has gradually developed into a modern design and construction enterprise integrating design and construction of architectural decoration engineering and using BIM management.
      With more opportunities and challenges in the future, Huaneng people will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “sunny gratitude, unity and forge ahead” and adhere to the principle of “safety first, quality first, integrity first”. idea.
      In the face of social progress and changes in people's concepts, I will continue to improve myself to create a harmonious society! Thank you everyone!
Enterprise introduction
      Shenzhen Huaneng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 with a registered capital of 60.5 million yuan. It is a professional contractor-level enterprise approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and is a member of the China Building Decoration Association, the Guangdong Construction Industry Association, and the Shenzhen Decoration Industry Association. The “AAA”-level credit unit assessed by the credit rating agency recognized by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Bank for many years has been assessed as a “contract-abiding and credit-worthy” integrity enterprise by the Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce for many years, and the China Building Decoration Association has assessed it as a national building. The “Top 100 Enterprises” in the decoration industry, many projects won the Shenzhen Decoration Engineering Jinpeng Award, the Guangdong Excellent Building Decoration Engineering Award, and the National Construction Engineering Decoration Award.
      The company adheres to the business policy of “Building excellent projects with excellent quality, safety and environmental protection, creating an excellent enterprise with high efficiency, civilization and gratitude”, adhering to the enterprise tenet of “taking morality first, honesty as the foundation, building quality engineering”, successfully undertaking The major representative projects of the large-scale decoration projects include: Shenzhen Shekou Hilton Hotel, Dongguan Songshan Lake Hyatt Hotel, Guangzhou R&F Grand Hyatt Hotel, Lushan Drunkstone Hot Spring Resort Hotel, Fuzhou “Mangrove Forest”, and Merchants “Lanxi Valley” Sanya Fuwan International, Changsha Shuangshuiwan, Huiyang Xinghe Dandi, Baishida Mangrove West Bank, Guanlan Golf Club Villa, China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch, Industrial Bank Changchun Dongsheng Sub-branch, Xinjiang Ta County Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Ordos People's Police Training School, Liuzhou Industrial Museum, etc.
      The company was listed on the website of Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange Center on September 18, 2013. Under the guidance of the overall goal of "based on Guangdong, facing China, serving the hemisphere, arrogant China, and casting world-renowned brands", the company is planning and planning, adapting to the direction of national development planning, actively deploying and preempting the strategy, thus forming Shenzhen as the core. Base, radiating a nationwide market operation network. The company's subsidiaries have covered the whole country and laid a solid foundation for further exploring the international market. In response to the needs of today's construction market, we have combined with banks to invest in companies to provide domestic and overseas construction project factor financing business, to solve the funding of construction projects with demand.
      In the future development, Huaneng people will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "sunny gratitude, unity and forge ahead", adhere to the "quality-oriented, integrity first" business philosophy, and unremittingly achieve "based on Guangdong, facing China, serving the hemisphere, The ambitious goal of “taking China into a world-renowned brand”
Company structure
Company culture
Enterprise's goal
Based in Guangdong, facing the whole country, serving the hemisphere, casting a world-renowned brand
Business development strategy
All kinds of high-end hotels, theaters, acoustic spaces, civil aviation buildings, railway passenger stations, ancient buildings, sports fields, finance, residential hardcover, business office buildings and other design and construction projects, providing initial planning, management, design, Construction and post-equipment one-stop service system.
Business policy
Establish excellent projects of high quality, safety and environmental protection, and create excellent enterprises with high efficiency, civilization and gratitude.
Business philosophy
Quality-oriented, integrity first
Enterprise spirit
Sunlight gratitude, unity and forge ahead
Corporate purposes
Taking virtue as the first priority, honesty as the foundation, and faith as the sky, constructing quality projects.
Corporate talent concept
Knowing people makes good use of them and people do their best.
Qualification certificate
Qualification certificate
Honorary awards